President WADF

Nils Hakan Carlzon

       The WADF mission


To create a real democratic honest World Dance Federation where everybody that like to become a member can be accepted as a member without having to go through the ”one member per country”.



To create an International forum for Dancers, Choaches, Dance school owners and Dance club Trainers where it is possible to discuss and develope dance competition disciplines in an modern and innovative way.



The WADF accepts that the Art of dance is much more than competitions.  There are two parts to be considered, one Technical and one Artistic.  The former methods of presenting competition dancing with couples, where one must have a partner to be an active competitor are out of date.  The demands of the 21st century are being realised in the WADF.



To give all dancers the chance to compete at International competitions without having to be elite dancers. To give all girls that did not found a boy to dance with a chance to be a team member in a Duo, Trio or a Small or Large team were also second and third rated dancers can fill a place.



                                                                                                                                                           This is our mission!

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Nasi przedstawiciele WADF Poland

federacja tworzona przez ludzi dla ludzi

Art & Culture Department


Classical Belly Dance competitions

Folk Belly Dance competitions

Belly Dance Show competitions

Bollywood competitions

Ethno Dance Show competitions

Afro Cuban Dance Show competitions

Flamenco Dance Show competitions

Folk dance competitions



International 10 dance department

International Ballroom/Standard

International Latin American

International Combined

International Formation Show


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Agata Kozioł

Ambasador federacji WADF

departament couple dance 

Michał Milewski 

Ambasador federacji WADF

departament stage dance

departament street dance

kontroler finansowy zarządu głównego WADF


Roman Filus

Vice President federacji WADF

Artistic Acrobatic Dance Department

Pom Pom -Cheer Dance

Artistic Acrobatic Dance Show

Free Acrobatic Dance Show

Pole Dance Show

Artistic Cheer leading

Street & POP Dance Dapartment


Urban street, Urban Pop, Fussion Show

Stage Dance Department


Ballet, jazz, Contemporary ballet, artisyic dance show

Couple Dance Department


latin, carraibiean, ballroom, 

solo, duety, pary, trio, small team, large team, showcase

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